Add USDC and MATIC on Polygon

**Note that in addition to adding USDC to your wallet, you will need MATIC on Polygon to pay for gas.**

Now that you have your wallet, you just need to fund it. In this guide we will go through the simplest way to get USDC and MATIC on Polygon Mainnet.

In order to bridge USDC and MATIC onto Polygon, you will first need to purchase MATIC and USDC on Metamask (or Coinbase), and then bridge both MATIC and USDC to Polygon network using Metamask (or

First, open your wallet from the browser extension and click on the Buy (& Sell) button.

You will be taken to the MetaMask portfolio page, where you can choose your region, the currency you want to buy with, and the token you wish to purchase. The image below is used to purchase USDC on Ethereum Mainnet using EUR. Follow the same process to add MATIC on Ethereum mainnet to cover gas.

Choose which service to use to purchase USDC on Ethereum mainnet with your Debit or Credit Card. You will see different payment options depending on your region. Choose the one that is most convenient for you.

The rest of this guide will show how to add USDC to your Ethereum wallet and bridging to Polygon Network, but the same steps apply when you want to add MATIC.

Once you choose USDC and Ethereum Mainnet, you can choose any onramping service, but in this guide, we used Ramp.

Choose the amount you'd like to purchase, and consider extra transfer charges (so for a product that costs 60 USDC, add a bit extra to cover transaction costs and bridging fees).

After email confirmation, choose the payment method.

After purchasing crypto (USDC and MATIC), the next step is to bridge these assets to Polygon Network from the Metamask portfolio page.

On Metamask, go to the "Bridge" tab, and add which currency you are bridging from (USDC on Ethereum) and to (USDC on Polygon).

Click through the approvals and transactions, and keep the tab open while bridging is complete. This may anywhere between 10 - 30 minutes.

Once complete, follow the same process to purchase MATIC and bridge to Polygon network to cover gas costs.

Alternatively, you can bridge directly on third party bridges like Axelar or instead of using Metamask. Here's a video to show this process.

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