For too long, creators have been isolated in their pursuits, and their creativity has been stifled by the limitation of upfront capital, network, and distribution.

Consumer products like fashion are expensive to design and produce. The market is dominated by centralized supply chains and brand conglomerates with deep pockets, existing distribution channels, and vertically integrated value chains.

Creators working for traditional brands are paid only a fraction of the value they help create, and they are unable to retain ownership rights over their Intellectual Property.

Independent creators often struggle to gain recognition because they lack the upfront capital and resources required, distribution networks to grow their audience, and are limited in how they can monetize their Intellectual Property.

Until now, the creator economy has been limited to the single-player sandbox with consumer social apps like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok; marketplaces like Kickstarter, Etsy, and Shopify; and gig platforms like Fiverr.

With NFTs, creators can tap into (decentralized) distribution channels to monetize their creations using marketplaces like Zora, Metalabel, and Sound.

Crowdmuse enables creators to scale their skills by tapping into a network of value-aligned creators, brands and makers to collaborate on digi-physical products.

Much like the days of the Renaissance, we envision a world where creators will hold an esteemed role in society as technology frees them from the busywork of coordination between brands and communities to sustain themselves. Creators will be able to focus on what they do best: create.

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