How to distribute funds

As a creator or product owner involved in the product, you will be able to see a "distribute funds" button below the payment options.

Every time the distribute funds method is called, the distributor pays a gas fee ($5-15 if on ETH Mainnet) and funds are distributed according to the creator splits.

Due to gas costs, it helps to distribute funds once all the NFTs have been purchase or at least until more orders are made. You can check the total funds held in the contract by clicking view all collectors > view contract > click on the contract address on Etherscan (or equivalent across chains).

In this case, 19 out of 30 NFTs have been collected, with a total of 1,805 USDC held in the contract, available for distribution back to the creators.

Once a creator clicks the "distribute funds" button, a final confirmation is required in the wallet to pay required gas fees and all funds are distributed automatically.

To check that the distribution is successful, you can view the contract for the last transaction or your wallet for the transaction details.

View the video below for the full guide to distribute funds back to creators.

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