Collect with USDC.e and Credit Card on Optimism and Redeem your order

You can collect the 'Stay Optimistic' Sweatshirt with your credit card (via stripe) or crypto wallet (in bridged USDC.e on the Optimism network).

Collect the 'Stay Optimistic' Onchain Summit Sweatshirt on

Collecting with Credit Card (Stripe payment)

Before collecting, you will need to sign in, using your email or existing crypto wallet.

For first time users, we recommend signing in with your email using Privy. If you want to set up your own crypto wallet, check out this guide.

Once you add your email address, a 6-digit code will be sent to your email.

After entering the code and signing in with your email, you might have to switch your network to Optimism, the blockchain network where your NFT will be stored.

You can choose your size and the number of products you want to buy. Please note, you can only buy multiple products of the same size.

Collecting with Crypto (in USDC.e)

Video guide can be found here, otherwise follow the steps below.

When collecting with crypto, you can sign in with your preferred wallet provider.

If you don't have USDC.e (bridged USDC on the Optimism network) in your wallet, and some ETH on Optimism for gas), please check out this guide.

Then you will choose which wallet to connect. Most likely you will be using MetaMask. It will prompt you for permission. Click on Next, and then Connect the wallet you want to use.

Now that your wallet is connected, you can select your quantity and click on Collect with USDC.

After choosing to pay with USDC, you will need to click "Allow USDC spend" and approve the max spending cap in your wallet.

This wallet verification is a security feature to approve the amount of USDC you want to spend.
 Please wait while the USDC amount is approved for spending in your wallet notification.

Once the USDC spend is approved, you will need to now click on "Collect with USDC" to finalize the transaction.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a multiplayer NFT. Share your purchase with friends on Twitter and Lens.

Upon purchase, you can redeem the physical by adding your delivery address, or redeeming later through the Redeem page for delivery options and access to product artifacts.

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